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sea is the inspiration for my felt art


Karen Rao a felt artist creating dramatic seascapes and unique animal inspired wall art, cosy handmade floppy eared felted hats and dainty floral corsages. Karen's fibre and textile art gallery showcases unique handmade feltmaking using soft natural merino wool with blends of other animal and plant fibres. Her individual method of wet felting results in highly colourful, stunningly tactile works of art that are rich in texture and depth.

Moving to Brighton on the south coast of England was the inspiration for Karen's powerful Wave series, observing the many moods of the sea; from the ferocious power of the waves to the hypnotic tranquillity of calm waters. Felt is such a versatile medium for expression, that Karen's work within nature is constantly evolving.

Vividly coloured cheeky monkeys, flamboyant flamingos and a host of other creatures developed as wall art for kid's, alongside cheery sunflower accessories and poppy neckwraps, daisy chokers and red rose corsages. Wearable art in the shape of animal inspired hats have now dominated. These furry friends have such a wide range of coat colours, textures and markings along with their characterful ears, that the tactile quality of felt that Karen loves is naturally incorporated into her unique hats. These head pieces are popular for warm Winter ski wear and for Summer festival fun alike: looking cool by day, cosy by night.

Karen Rao regularly attends craft fairs and exhibits at the Brighton Open Houses. Karen runs workshops


in schools and after school clubs creating whole class wall hangings and short 'Introduction to feltmaking' courses. Karen has run hugely popular workshops at large events such as The Brighton Mini Maker Faire, the Brighton Science Festival, many local events and children's parties too. The uses of felt are endless, so too is the learning process which makes the nature of felt making so unexpected and so rewarding.

"I love showing people the wet felting process and seeing their fascination as their pile of wool transforms into a felted work of art."



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